The Future of Pixel Vision 8

If you see this email, that means you have had some interest in Pixel Vision 8 over the past five years, so I wanted to make sure you saw this announcement. I have moved everyone over to a new mailing list to continue to stay in touch and provide updates, tutorials, and additional content for PV8.

If you have opted out of updates in the past or are no longer interested in getting these, please feel free to unsubscribe now (link at the bottom of the email) and you will be removed from this mailing list. However, you may want to follow the project on GitHub to stay up-to-date on new releases.

The rest of this post will cover the final steps of the transition to making PV8 100% open-source.

This message marks the final stages of transitioning Pixel Vision 8 over to GitHub and the main website will be shut down on Dec 26th. You will no longer be able to log into the site, and this mailing list will be the place where I keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with the project.

Here is how the shutdown will work:

If you own the Art Pack, please download a copy of it, and it’s yours to keep. While I will be moving some of this over to, I am unsure what that will look like, so keep the files safe and enjoy using them for any future projects. As soon as everything is live, I will give everyone that paid free access again.

If you own the Pro Tutorials, please download the project files, and make copies of the tutorials. Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy solution for keeping them up-to-date at the moment and plan on doing something similar next year but in an ebook form. In the meantime, I have given you premium accounts on here as I continue to move old content over.

If you bought PV8 on, I have left the project live on Itch, but now the page points people to download PV8 on GitHub. I may go back to posting releases on there for people who don’t follow the GitHub project, but it’s not my focus right now. I will begin granting people premium accounts on here so you can continue to get access to stuff that I released for initially supporting the project.

Everyone else, I want to thank you for your support. The Twitter account and Discord server will remain open. Moving forward, I plan to grow this new mailing list in 2021. Hopefully, you will stay around. The latest build of Pixel Vision 8 on GitHub now has all of the Pro Tools included.

Finally, I’ve decided to also release an unstable preview build of PV8 with an optimized renderer and cleaner set of APIs. I’ve held off releasing this build while I take a much-needed break but have been adding people to the project to help contribute. For the rest of the year, I plan to enjoy some time off from the project and start with a clean head in 2021.

If you have paid for PV8 in the past whether it be on or the .com site and can’t access the premium content, please let me know. It wasn’t easy to migrate all of the paid customers over so I want to make sure I didn’t lose anyone in the transition.